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CareWell EMR

Cloud Based EMR

CareWell EMR is built with surgical centers in mind, making it easy and efficient to chart information.

It allows healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and not complex systems or paperwork.

CareWell Inventory

Inventory Management

CareWell Inventory helps track all inventory cost and usage for your center.

Connect it with our EMR to track narcotics and surgical implants.

CareWell Patient

Patient Portal

CareWell Patient gives your patients their healthcare data in their hands.

It also allows them to fill out their forms before their visit. Saving 30+ minutes.

CareWell Billing

Managed Billing Services

CareWell Billing offers managed billing services catered to your practice or lab.

Our team has expertise in billing for pain management, dermatology, medical equipment, and toxicology.

Billing Support

Consider our team of billers to be your extended staff.

Technology Driven

Our suite of technology provides smarter reporting and higher acceptance rates.

Our Technologies workflow

Our solutions cover an end to end workflow from the moment your patient walks in to the moment they are discharged.


Consent Forms

Allow patients to digitally sign consent forms using CareWell EMR.

Pre-Post Operative Assessments

Healthcare professionals chart patient information with CareWell EMR.

Anesthesia Record

Anesthesiologist can use our familiar anesthesia record. Allowing them to send or print records after.

Inventory Management

Track all inventory, narcotics, and surgical implants that were used in the procedures with CareWell Inventory.

Medical Billing

CareWell Billing takes care of the whole claim lifecycle. Making sure you get paid on time.

Our Specialties

There is no one size fits all in healthcare. CareWell believes in speciality focused solutions.

Pain Management

Increase Efficiency

Handle more procedures and injections in a given day without sacrificing level of care.


Save Time

Save time documenting patient chart for orthopedic surgeries.

And More

Custom Solutions

We work with your center to build custom EMR solutions for your speciality.

CareWell EMR
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