Going Paperless is Not Enough.

Cloud based EMR that is made to solve patient charting issues facing ASCs.

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CareWell EMR

Going paperless is not enough. It is time that EMRs do more to help increase efficiency for your surgical center.


Store and access all patient charts with ease with our HIPAA compliant cloud based storage.

Designed for ASCs

CareWell works with surgical centers to solve the biggest issues facing EMRs today.

Smart Integrations

Get access to integration tools by connecting to our inventory and patient portal.

User Friendly Interface

CareWell EMR was built by designers with doctors & nurses to streamline the workflow.

It allows healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and not complex systems or paperwork.

Auditing Tools

Surgical centers can get hectic, so managing charts can get hard.

CareWell EMR offers auditing tools that catch mistakes before they happen. Never miss information ever again.

Anesthesia Record

CareWell EMR has an anesthesia record all Anesthesiologist are familiar with.

Giving them the ability to document and print their forms with ease.

But Wait There's More

CareWell EMR offers more features that cover all aspects of operating a surgical center and patient care.

Patient Consent Forms

Allow patients to sign their consent forms on a tablet in office or before their visit.

Procedure Notes

CareWell EMR auto generates procedure notes for various types of injections from cervical to lumbar.

Permission Access

CareWell EMR is built with permissions. Adding an extra layer of security and optimizing workflows.

Our Specialties

There is no one size fits all in healthcare. CareWell believes in speciality focused solutions.

Pain Management

Increase Efficiency

Be able to handle more procedures and injections in a given day without sacrificing level of care.


Save Time

Save time documenting patient chart for orthopedic surgeries.

And More

Custom Solutions

We work with your center to build custom EMR solutions for your speciality.

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