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Patients care always comes first

Effortless Integration

CareWell is built to integrate seemlessly with your clinic and surigical center so you can focus on what matters most.

Designed to be Friendly

CareWell’s user experience experts have designed it to be friendly for all health care professionals.

Patient Management

As your medical practice continues to grow you need better solutions to manage patient information. CareWell has created a simple and powerful platform to help manage your new and old patient data.

We work to empower your clinic.

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e-Prescriptions has been known to reduce medication errors and has been used to enhance patient safety.

Pharmacy Partners

Send e-Prescriptions to a list of Pharmacies in your local area to ensure first fill medication adherence.

Improve Patient safety

Connect patients previous prescriptions to make best informed care decisions.

Virtual Visits

Take your patient care out of the office and into CareWell’s HIPAA compliant virtual videos.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual visits allows you to follow up with patients in an effortless and easy way.

Secure and Safe

CareWell’s virtual visit ensures that each video confrence call is encrypted and secure.

All in One Solution

Patient Charts

Maintain patient information with easy to use digital charts.


Flexible scheduling allows you to manage appointments.


Ensure patient safety and reduce errors with e-Prescriptions.

Virtual Visits

Follow up with patients over a secure video chat platform.

Billing Management

Billing is now an ease with areWell’s billing system.

Referral Program

Connect with other doctos within CareWell network.

e-Imaging Lab

Get patient X-Rays and other imaging within the same day.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all surigical materials and other inventory.

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