CareWell EHR

Modern EHR platform built from ground up for surgical centers.

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CareWell EHR

We have built a modern EHR platform that is custom built for Surgical Centers. We have taken the time to solve a lot of the problems today’s EHR platforms have.

CareWell EHR takes care of every aspect of what goes on day to day in a Surgical center. From patient consent forms to Anesthesia Surgical forms.

How We Help

Say Goodbye to paper charts.

CareWell has built an easy to use patient charting system that covers everything from patient consents forms to nurse, surgeon, and anesthesiologist forms.

Auditing System

CareWell EHR is built to help enhance workflow by telling doctors and nurses if they have completed their forms in full.

HIPPA Cloud Charts

CareWell EHR is built using a HIPPA compliant cloud database. This allows healthcare professional to use different devices to access their charts from laptops to iPads.

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